Elisabeth Kotthaus is Political Reporter for Legal Affairs at the Representation of the European Commission in Berlin. There she covers justice and home affairs, the digital agenda and institutional issues. Before joining the representation of the European Commission in Berlin, Kotthaus held posts in the Directorate- General for Transport and Energy of the European Commission (trans-European networks and internal market for energy and gas), and in the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud, where she covered Anti- Fraud. Before joining the European Commission she was 8 years partner, first in a commercial law firm of about 300 lawyers, tax advisors and notaries providing counsel across seven offices in Germany as well as in Brussels, then in one of Germany's leading employment law boutiques. Her activities at the European Women Lawyers' Association (EWLA) as President since its foundation in 2001 until 2005 motivated her to change career and to join the European Commission in 2005. Kotthaus studied Law and Islamic Studies in Germany and Cairo (in Cairo supported by a grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)). She published in the areas of employment and transport law.