Creative Uses for Your Family’s Old Slides

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Have you ever wondered what you could do with those old family slides gathering dust in the attic? The truth is these forgotten relics often hold priceless memories captured in fleeting moments. And with a bit of creativity, they can be transformed from dusty old trinkets into something unique, fresh, and meaningful. This article is here to inspire you with fun and innovative ways to do with old slides.

DIY Projects

There’s a world of possibilities waiting for your old slides in the realm of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. One brilliant idea is to convert them into a custom-made lampshade. First, you’ll need an old slides viewer to check the slides and pick out the best ones. 

Then, you can craft unique home decor using a simple lampshade frame, a hot glue gun, and your chosen slides. The result is a lampshade that adds a personal touch to your space and brings your family history to life each time you switch on the light.

Another engaging DIY project is to create slide coasters. By embedding slides in resin and setting them into a mold, you can create durable, one-of-a-kind coasters that showcase your family’s history. Just be sure to choose slides with strong images that will still be recognizable when viewed in a smaller, square format.

Wall Decor

Have you ever thought of incorporating your old slides into your home’s wall decor? It’s a terrific way to display cherished family memories. You can create a unique wall collage by arranging several slides in a frame. Choose images that tell a story or depict a particular theme or event. This project not only revitalizes the look of your living space but also acts as a conversation starter when guests come over.

Old Slide Viewer

Alternatively, with the help of a lightbox, your family slides can become a creative night light. Just choose a series of slides, attach them to the lightbox, and let the warm glow of memories illuminate your home. Remember to use your old slides viewer to choose the best slides for this project.

Slideshow Creation

With today’s technology, turning old slides into a digital slideshow is another wonderful way to preserve and share your family’s memories. Using a slide scanner, you can easily digitize your old slides and then use a video editing program to create a slideshow. 

This digital format not only protects your memories from physical damage but also makes them easily accessible to share with family and friends worldwide.


Revisiting old family slides doesn’t have to be a trip down memory lane that ends in a dusty attic. There are plenty of creative ways to do with old slides that can bring these vintage pieces of family history back to life. Whether it’s a DIY lampshade, a wall collage, or a digital slideshow, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So, why not dust off that old slides viewer and start a fun and meaningful project today?