Want Your Laptop To Last Longer: Here’s How To Stop Damaging It

You may think because technology has come so far, that you can manhandle your technology a little more, and nothing will go wrong. After all, your mobile phone survives a few drops a year, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is that your mobile phone and your computer are two different entities. Mobile phones are made to be durable, but laptops and PCs are not.

If you want your computer to last longer, and you want to try not to end up at a professional screen repair company multiple times a year, follow these tips for preventing damage to your computer.

Keep Food & Drink Away From Your Computer

It’s understandable that you’d want a cup of coffee when you start working, or maybe you should work through lunch, but you should be careful when it comes to how close the food and liquids come to your technology. If spilt, liquids can cause massive damage to laptops and desktop PCs, and food can cause issues if it gets where it shouldn’t go. So keep an eye on your food, and don’t leave open liquid canisters around.

Don’t Touch Your Computer with Messy Hands

Your computer’s mouse/trackpad, keyboard and screen won’t work as well if they’re covered in sticky food residue, cheese or whatever you’re carrying in your hands. Cleaning your hands will stop debris from scratching or getting into important components and keep your computer looking newer for longer.

Try To Protect Your Screen

This goes both for laptops and desktop computers, but you want to keep the screen safe. If it’s scratched or something is spilt on it, you may have to replace it fully. The best way to do this is to not manhandle your screen and try to cover it or put it away when you’re not using it. When it comes to laptops, try not to bend or snap the screen either.

Avoid Rapid Temperature Fluctuations

Your laptop and desktop computer aren’t made for extreme heat and extreme cold, but it can acclimatise to these things with the use of the internal fans. But you need to give these fans time to work, otherwise, condensation can form inside your laptop. This can then cause incredible amounts of damage to the laptop.

Clean Your Computer Often

Life can get busy, and cleaning your computer is probably the last thing on your list, but to stop things from getting where they shouldn’t, and keep things running, clean your laptop on the inside and outside. Outside, just a disinfectant wipe can help, but on the inside, a disk cleaner can keep things going smoothly.

Try Not to Use Your Laptop In Bed

We get it, your bed’s super comfortable and nice to work on, but when you place your laptop on a soft surface, the fans have to work harder to cool the laptop properly, so you’re overusing your system. In addition, you might drop your laptop or damage it while you’re moving around. Always aim for a hard surface for your laptop.

Don’t Leave Your Laptop In The Car

Sometimes you can’t escape the car Zoom meeting but try not to leave your computer in the car after the call. Cars can reach high temperatures, and the heat in Colorado Springs can easily destroy your laptop’s internal components. Not to mention the risk of theft.

Put Your Laptop Somewhere Safe

If you’re done with work, and you’ve just come back from the café, don’t leave your laptop on the desk or in your work bag. Take it out and put it somewhere safe for the night. Preferably in a cupboard or on a shelf out of reach.

Things can still go wrong, even if you’re careful. In that case, call DML Computer Repairs. Read about DML online and get to know how they can help you.